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Character rules*

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Character rules*

Post by Kate on Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:53 pm


Character Rules


These rules are necessary for the process of creating a character.  The character template itself is located in the appropriate section.    These rules cover various do's and don'ts with information regarding the three classifications of deities.

Right off the bat we have a few rules right here:
- You make ONE character per account for use in the main setting,  that is the character that is integrated into your account details.  What you play in the Multiverse subforum is almost entirely free.   This one character is given the bulk of your attention and it's your responsibility as a roleplayer to make them come to life with your words,  rather than creating whatever character comes to your whims for the moment.  Multiple characters,  you can make multiple accounts after set amounts of time and effort on the first or reset your current account. 

- Characters all start off as Young,  the lowest tier of deity.

- Characters are all deities,  one of three different types of deities where within the specifics are up to you.  The technical details on what constitutes a God, Devil, or Terran is somewhat iffy.  But if someone would be described as "Bestial" "Feral" or "Awww look at the kitty" It's probably a Terran,  while if it could be described as "Terrifying" "Twisted" "Well mark me down as scared.  And Horny." it's probably a Devil.   Gods are the vaguest of the bunch,  while most things that you see with a halo or feathery wings are probably gods or god-affiliated,  many Gods are kinda just... people.   
So in the end,  the true dividing line between what makes a god a god, a devil a devil,  and a terran a terran is their method of generating power and their moral compulsion. 





These archetypes are not recommended for your primary player character,  but you may choose them if you wish and select a "primary" at a later date,  or you may receive a few additional benefits by designating one as your "primary",  meaning you will not be able to select a god, devil, or terran unless you wipe the primary account.

These archetypes are what you can find as NPCs or as secondary+ characters.

The Reborn
The Reborn.

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The Mortals.

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